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Diseases and Symptoms: Cystitis (Dog)

There are a number of factors that cause inflammation of the bladder (cystitis). The most common cause is an infection caused by bacteria (Urinary tract infection). Other common causes include bladder stones, tumors or polyps in the bladder, and abnormal anatomy (especially in female dogs).

If your dog experiences more than three urinary tract infections ( UTIs) per year, or more than two UTIs in six months your veterinarian should determine the reason for these recurrent bladder infections. 

Here at NutriPetPak we believe nutritional support is at the forefront in making your pet feel better during the course of this disease and to support the entire urinary tract system and the organs and tissues that work with them  The ingredients in these supplement s support optimal function of the urinary tract and tissues affected by stress, injury, and disease.

To help choose the optimal supplements for your pet, please fill out the health questionnaire.