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Diseases and Symptoms: Urinary Crystals

Crystalluria is a medical condition where crystals are expelled into the urine. The detection of urinary crystals is not synonymous with kidney stones or the clinical signs associated with them, nor is detection of urine crystals irrefutable evidence of a stone-forming tendency, but there is some association with an increased risk for kidney stones in animals that are afflicted with crystalluria, and crystals in the urine can be an indication of kidney stones (also referred to as renal stones). Crystals form only in urine that is, or recently has been, supersaturated with crystallogenic substances.

Proper identification and interpretation of urine crystals is important for determining a medical strategy for treating the condition, since certain crystal types may indicate an underlying disease. Evaluation of urine crystals may aid in (1) detection of the disorders that predispose the animal to stone formation, (2) estimation of the mineral composition of the stones, and (3) evaluation of the effectiveness of the medical procedures initiated to dissolve or prevent the stones.

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