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Canine Dermal Support Standard Process - 30 g

Canine Dermal Support Standard Process - 30 g

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Canine Dermal Support is a nutritional supplement formulated with ingredients known as functional foods.  These are foods that have been shown to benefit various organs and tissues in the body. 

The ingredients in Canine Dermal Support are a combination of plant and animal tissues, and provide nutritional support to key organs and glands like the liver, small intestine and adrenal glands, as well as the immune system.  Support of these and other tissues can be beneficial in the management of a pruritic patient.

Indications for use:

  • General skin health
  • General support for itchy skin/allergy
  • Chronic ear infections
  • Patients with healing wounds/surgery
  • Leaky Gut Syndrome

 Whole Food Ingredient Sources: 

  • Tissue desiccates – adrenal gland, liver, kidney, jejunum, duodenum, and bone
  • Vitamin A complex – liver and kidney
  • Vitamin B complex – nutritional yeast, oat flour, and defatted wheat germ
  • Vitamin C complex – mushroom, adrenal gland, and black currant juice
  • Carotenoids – carrot
  • Minerals – alfalfa juice and beet leaf juice
  • Botanical phytonutrients Silybum marianum, Taraxacum officinale, Carthamus tinctiorius, and Emblica officinalis
  • Protomorphogens – adrenal gland, liver, parotid and veal bone
Systems Supported:

  • Adrenal Glands – primary support for the adrenal glands mediated by adrenal PMG, adrenal cytosol, black currant juice, mushroom, and alfalfa.
  • Liver – primary support for the liver is mediated with desiccated liver, liver PMG, Silybum marianum, Taraxacum officinale, liver fat extract, betaine, inositol, defatted wheat germ, nutritional yeast, bile salts,a nd beet root
  • Small Intestine – primary support for the small intestine mediated with desiccated duodenum, desiccated jejunum, stomach, chlorophyll, veal bone PMG, parotid PMG, nutritional yeast, Strombus gigas, Carthamus tinctorius, brain and L-glutamine
  • Immune Tissues Emblica officinalis, spleen, calcium lactate, desiccated jejunum, bone meal, and veal bone PMG


Bovine liver, L-glutamine, Silybum marianum, bovine kidney, defatted wheat germ, alfalfa juice, Emblica officinalis, carrot (root), fat soluble extract (from alfalfa [whole plant], sunflower [seed], carrot (root), Tillandsia usneoides, buckwheat [leaf and seed], and pea [vine]), bovine and ovine spleen, bovine adrenal PMG™ extract, Strombus gigas, calcium lactate, bovine liver fat extract, black currant juice, Carthamus tinctorius, bovine liver PMG™ extract, nutritional yeast, mushroom, porcine jejunum, porcine stomach, betaine hydrochloride, bovine parotid PMG™ extract, para-aminobenzoate, beet leaf juice, beet root, oat flour, porcine brain, bovine adrenal Cytosol™ extract, purified bovine bile salts, bone meal, Taraxacum officinale, and inositol.


Zinc 56 mcg / 1/2 teaspoon


How to Administer

Based on body weight, the canine patient should receive the formula according to the following recommendations, or as otherwise directed.

1-10 lbs 1/8 teaspoon once per day
11-20 lbs 1/8 teaspoon twice per day
21-40 lbs 1/4 teaspoon twice per day
41-60 lbs 1/2 teaspoon twice per day
61-80 lbs 3/4 teaspoon twice per day
>80 lbs 1 teaspoon twice per day