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Canine Hepatic Support Standard Process - 30 g

Canine Hepatic Support Standard Process - 30 g

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The liver is a complex organ that interacts with most organs in the body, including the intestinal tract, cardiovascular system, kidneys, and autonomic nervous system. Nutritional support for the liver must address these interactions to be effective.

Canine Hepatic Support is formulated to support:

  • Liver metabolism
  • Hepatic circulation
  • Bile production and flow
  • Hepatic immune function*

Indications for Use:

  • General hepatic support
  • Patients with reduced hepatic function or with increased metabolic demand
  • Patients that are receiving drugs that are known to create hepatic stress
  • Hepatic patients in need of additional renal support
  • Clinical signs associated with hepatic dysfunction including decreased appetite, depression, vomiting and diarrhea
  • Abnormal ALT, Alkaline phosphatase, bile acids studies, low BUN, liver histopathology, or ultrasound.
  • Patients with intestinal dysfunction
Systems Supported:
  • Liver – primary support for the liver mediated with liver PMG, desiccated liver, Silybum marianum, Taraxacum officinale, wheat germ oil, betaine, beet root, beet leaf, defatted wheat germ, inositol, choline, Brussels sprouts, Strombus gigas, orchic extract, calcium glycerophosphate, magnesium lactate, nutritional yeast, rice bran, oat flour, and ribonucleic acid
  • Small Intestine – secondary support for the liver mediated by support for the small intestine with desiccated duodenm, desiccated jejunum, desiccated stomach, L-glutamine, betaine hydrochloride, chlorophyll, spleen, and veal bone PMG
  • Kidney – secondary support for the liver medicated by support for the kidney with desiccated kidney, flaxseed oil, carrot, and buckwheat leaf juice and seed
  • Autonomic Nervous System – tertiary support for the liver mediated by support for the autonomic nervous system with alfalfa juice, nutritional yeast, and rice bran
  • Immune tissue – tertiary support for the liver mediated by support for the immune system with desiccated duodenum and jejunum, veal bone PMG, spleen, zinc liver chelate, and calcium lactate
  • Circulation – tertiary support for the liver mediated by support for blood circulation with heart PMG, buckwheat leaf juice and seed, Ginko biloba, wheat germ oil, defatted wheat germ, rice bran, nutritional yeast, liver fat extract, and alfalfa


Bovine liver PMG™ extract, bovine and ovine spleen, porcine duodenum, bovine kidney, porcine stomach, veal bone PMG™ extract, porcine jejunum, wheat germ oil, mushroom, bovine liver, bovine heart PMG™ extract, bovine orchic extract, ribonucleic acid, alfalfa juice, defatted wheat germ, calcium lactate, Ginkgo biloba, nutritional yeast, rice bran, black currant seed oil, beet leaf juice, beet root, oat flour, Silybum marianum, Taraxacum officinale, bovine liver fat extract, buckwheat leaf juice and seed, high selenium yeast, calcium glycerophosphate, L-glutamine, zinc rice chelate, Brussels sprouts, para-aminobenzoate, Perna canaliculus carrot, Tillandsia usneoides, bovine pituitary PMG™ extract, porcine brain, allantoin, bovine thyroid PMG™ extract, magnesium lactate, betaine hydrochloride, inositol, chlorophyll extract, and choline bitartrate.


Calcium 2.5 mg / 1/2 teaspoon Magnesium 800 mcg / 1/2 teaspoon

Please consult the product packaging label for the most accurate product information.

How to Administer

Based on body weight, the canine patient should receive the formula according to the following recommendations, or as otherwise directed.

1-10 lbs 1/8 teaspoon once per day
11-20 lbs 1/8 teaspoon twice per day
21-40 lbs 1/4 teaspoon twice per day
41-60 lbs 1/2 teaspoon twice per day
61-80 lbs 3/4 teaspoon twice per day
>80 lbs 1 teaspoon twice per day