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VF Antronex - 90 Tablets

VF Antronex - 90 Tablets

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Antronex is a product that is an extract from liver. It has been extensively studied in Japan since the 1920's and is considered to contain the "detoxifying hormone of the liver" (Dr. Harrower - Practical Endocrinology). Antronex is considered to act as a natural antihistamine and aids in liver decongestion. Enhancement of blood detoxification occurs as the blood moves through the liver. The mechanism of action is thought to be the production of a liver hyperemia thus increasing the blood flow to the liver. Further, it is felt to have a biological action that is opposed to thyroxine. This effect can be utilized in cases of hyperthyroidism to help reduce the toxic effects of the thyroid excess. In addition, this product can be useful in cases of portal hypertension. Antronex is best utilized by the body in an acidic environment. It may be beneficial to simultaneously use Zypan to help acidify the gastrointestinal tract while using Antronex. One caution: Antronex should be started at lower doses in the initial stages due to its potential effect on lowering blood pressure. Consider the use of Antronex in any clinical case that has liver disease, is in need of detoxification, or in cases where there is perceived to be excess histamine. This antihistamine effect can be beneficial in situations in which there is a reaction to the Protomorphogen™ extract products. Antronex aids in the reduction of histamine which is thought to mediate this potentially negative effect of the Protomorphogen™ extract. 

VF Antronex supports the liver and the body’s normal detoxification mechanisms.

Indications for Use

  • Clinical signs associated with liver challenges
  • Patients in need of additional hepatic support
  • Short- or long-term support for patients influenced by environmental, seasonal and other stresses

Dose Schedule

All cats, dogs < 20 lbs. 1 tablet/day x 7 days then as needed
Dogs 20-50 lbs. 1 tablet 2x/day
Dogs > 51 lbs. 1 tablet 3x/day

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